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Connect - Connected Intelligence

Once you have selected an audience through our Planning Tool, connect and engage with this audience across digital media channels.
Targeting the same audience end to end reduces loss and can improve relevance, increase conversion rates, and more. All campaigns are run through the Red Planet trading desk.

Call Centre Connect

Red Planet’s call centre API helps you immediately interact with customers when they contact you. Our sophisticated tool gives your business the information you need, in real time, to deliver a truly personalised customer experience.


We have developed a collection of well-defined Australian audiences that have been built from the extensive data that we hold. These segments group those with similar demographic characteristics, personas or online behavioural intents.
Red Planet segments are an ideal starting point for connecting premium data with premium inventory.

Audience Extension

Red Planet can help you find more of your best customers by leveraging our lookalike modelling capability.

When you use our engagement tools and services, your interactions with customers are relevant and effective because they are personalised for your target audience.

Do more

  • Improve customer experience and reach new markets of like-minded customers.
  • Increase the efficiency of the direction processes for customer service calls.
  • Activate your own segmentation or access our segmentation across digital channels.
  • Match customer data against our own persona models for out-of-the-box life stage and lifestyle segmentation.
  • Use data-driven insights to design media strategies that reach your target audiences, at scale, across multiple channels.