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Our suite of Insight Tools and services use verified data to develop a detailed understanding of who your customers really are, and what drives them.

Know more

Understand - Connected Intelligence

Red Planet’s Understand Tool as part of our Connected Intelligence product suite helps you quickly and easily learn more about your customers, by comparing your data with our national database. This online tool takes you inside the hearts and minds of your customers, revealing useful insights into who they are as people.

Digital visitor insights

By matching website visitors, you know, and those you don’t, with our database of online Australians, we can help you uncover insights behind the clicks. We can also help you discover the factors that influence these visitors, so you can better tailor your content.

Research panel

The Red Planet Research Panel of more than 100,000 Qantas Frequent Flyers is extensive enough to accurately represent the Australian population. You can use it to find out more about hard-to-reach Australians, and undertake sophisticated research using a very broad range of criteria.

With Red Planet’s suite of Insight Tools and services, you can understand how your customers will respond to strategies, and shape more effective interactions with them.

Do more

  • Inform potential customer strategies and opportunities.
  • Find new customers who have the same attributes as your existing customer base.
  • Understand the visitors that come your website and the best way to respond to each visitor segment.
  • Develop an informed media and content delivery strategy.
  • Undertake bespoke research designed to suit the needs of your unique brand, product or target audience.