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Rich campaign reporting - Connected Intelligence

With our Rich Campaign Reporting tool, part of our Connected Intelligence product suite, you can quickly and easily learn more about those individuals interacting with your campaigns. This includes those that saw, interacted with, or converted from your advertising.
The practical insights we uncover are valuable and can be used to shape future marketing activities.

Closed loop reporting

By following the same audience end-to-end, we can measure true campaign results, so you know the affect you’re having on your audience in both an online and offline environment.

Advertising Effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of digital advertising. Through creative tags, people who saw and/or interacted with an ad can be surveyed to understand the brand or message awareness, recall, creative effectiveness and more.

When you use our reporting tools and services, you are building continuous improvement into your marketing practice. We find out exactly who you reached, test post-campaign awareness and recall, and uncover where things went well and how things can be improved.

Do more

  • Identify the best products.
  • Target media spending more accurately.
  • Improve customer experience personalisation.
  • Increase the accuracy of your segmentation models.