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Red Planet helps you reach and influence your target market with meaningful communication, using their preferred channel, at the time they are most receptive to your message. This tailored approach delivers more relevant, meaningful and rewarding relationships between business and customer.

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Planning Tool - Connected Intelligence

The Red Planet Planning Tool, as part of our Connected Intelligence product suite, is the destination to understand your target audience better through their attitudes, values and purchase drivers, to plan for more targeted campaigns, and informed marketing and commercial strategies.

Customer segmentation

To create more powerful segments, we build our customer segments by examining the behaviours, attitudes and needs of our customers, and use those criteria to create groups of customers who have more in common than traditional demographic segments.

Building your in-house data and analytics capability

Our Data and Analytics Strategy services help you make the most of what you’ve got. We show you how to build models, maximising both internal and external sources of data.

Bespoke modelling for digital campaigns

We can help you increase the effectiveness of your online marketing by building a bespoke propensity model for digital targeting. This model helps predict customer behaviour, enabling you to refine campaigns and improve the success rates for your digital marketing.

Acquisition and retention planning

We can help you determine whether you should focus on acquiring new customers or retaining your existing ones. This valuable insight can inform your product design and steer your business towards purpose-built products that attract relevant customers.

Analytics workspace

Red Planet’s Analytics Workspace is an online platform with the tools your analysts need. Our secure data workspace provides a helpful environment where you can connect your data with ours to build models and algorithms to suit the needs of your business.

Our planning and audience selection tools and services uncover the most effective way of engaging with your audience.

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  • Identify the best products.
  • Target media spending more accurately.
  • Improve customer experience personalisation.
  • Increase the accuracy of your segmentation models.